Drug and alcohol Detox

Addiction is a serious disorder that causes someone to habitually use substances that have detrimental consequences on their life. Approximately 20 million Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and as that number climbs each year, so does the death rate. If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, it is imperative they receive the help they need and deserve right away. Sadly, only 10% of those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction will receive treatment.  Orchard on the Brazos is committed to seeing that number soar in the coming years as we strive to be a place where recovery is not just a hope and dream but a reality.

Detoxing can be a frightening prospect to many alcoholics and addicts. Years of consistent alcohol or drug use create a vicious cycle in which their body depends on those substances to feel “normal”.  Detoxing is necessary in ridding the body of these toxic substances and provides a starting point for the alcoholic or addict to begin their road to recovery.  Fear of detoxing from drugs and alcohol should never deter one from seeking treatment. At Orchard on the Brazos, we make detoxing from drugs and alcohol as comfortable as possible by focusing on each resident’s unique needs. Trained to safely manage withdrawal symptoms, our highly skilled medical team will work alongside you or your loved one each step of the way.

Although different for everyone, detox is based on the type of substance, amount used, and frequency of use. Withdrawal symptoms may be present for 5-14 days.  In some instances, medications are administered to provide as much comfort as possible during drug and alcohol detoxification.  If presented with an alternative, at- home detox should be avoided.  Sometimes serious side effects such as seizures and dehydration occur. This holds especially true with alcohol. Inpatient detox helps eliminate outside distractions and allows the resident to focus on getting better. The first few days of drug and alcohol detox can be very difficult, and the support staff around the resident is crucial. They can help the resident maintain a positive outlook and keep them motivated to continue even though they may experience varying degrees of discomfort. If they attempt this alone, they may be too overwhelmed by the journey ahead and give up prematurely.

A common misconception surrounding detox is that it is a stand-alone treatment an addict or alcoholic can use to get and stay sober. Detox only addresses the physical aspect of addiction. Unfortunately, that is only half the battle. Each resident needs to be equipped with the necessary tools to make sure they can sustain long-term sobriety. For optimum success, detox should be used in conjunction with a treatment program. Orchard on the Brazos has the tools required to give each resident the best chance of success. 

Frequently, drug and alcohol users have at least one co-occurring disorder which also must be addressed in treatment. If only the physical aspect of addiction is addressed, the chance of relapse is much higher. Orchard on the Brazos is committed to rehabilitating the mind, body, and spirit as we work to get to the root cause of drug and alcohol addiction. Included in our treatment program is regular therapy with licensed and trained professionals.

There is plenty to be hopeful about if you face drug and alcohol addiction or mental illness. Both are very treatable conditions, and the road to recovery and mental wellness is bright with a strong commitment. No one should have to suffer, and taking the steps to find a detox center near you is a great start.