New Story.

Gold Program

Write your new story.

If you do not write your own story, someone else will. This is your chance to grow and to change.

GO Leadership Development

Our GOLD Extended Care Program goes beyond a traditional focus on recovery by emphasizing ongoing personal development, providing our residents with a transformational experience like no other.

The Orchard on the Brazos is a center for addiction recovery and personal development outside of Houston, Texas.

The aim of everything we do is to provide each resident with the opportunity to create a better future.

Old Lives

New Lives

Gold Extended Care Program

Extended Care Reimagined

Find Purpose

The path of recovery takes individuals to a healthy body and mind. The GOLD program continues the journey through developing a life of purpose, to move from recovery to responsibility.

We believe anyone can lead.

Build Community

Isolation may be the most painful consequence of addiction. The GOLD program works with each resident to build healthy relationships at The Orchard and in their communities.

We believe that by working together small groups can change the world.

Create Action

It is not enough to just return to life as it was. The GOLD program provides the skills and resources for each resident to create a better future for themselves and their families.

We believe that everything seems impossible until it is done.


Gold Program