The Orchard on the Brazos is a co-ed, residential substance use disorder treatment facility. We provide a unique standard of care blending evidence-based and experiential treatment modalities. With over 100+ years of combined experience, our medical team is comprised of experts that specialize in treating addiction. 

Nestled on a 132 acre ranch, The Orchard on the Brazos is a place of healing where you are invited to begin again.  Our holistic approach incorporates three pillars of lifelong sobriety: Recovery, Spiritual Exploration, and Reintegration

Our Program

Rebuilding life after addiction can seem overwhelming. Being trapped in the vicious cycle of this disease is devastating, and we understand that more than others, as the majority of our staff are recovered. Every resident that comes in will receive medical stabilization under the care of a clinical staff that is available 24/7. Creating a safe and serene environment is our top priority for residents that have had the courage to ask for help. Upon arrival, each resident will receive a comprehensive health evaluation that will allow our doctors to customize treatment. We offer a full spectrum of services some of which include, trauma therapy, fitness programming, group and individual counseling sessions and a comprehensive family program that will include visits and therapy sessions with them throughout the residents’ stay. Our program is made up of two phases, and the length of stay depends on the needs of the individual. 

Addiction affects everyone it comes in contact with, and we believe creating a space for families to better understand the nature of the disease is critical. We offer an intensive family program and encourage loved ones to attend. Continued support from the family after the resident leaves treatment is important. We believe it begins with understanding the nature of this disease, understanding relapse prevention, and being supportive of the aftercare plan that will be created for each individual.