Residential Treatment program

Residential programs for drug addicts and alcoholics can be a great option for certain individuals seeking treatment. The best residential rehab center for alcohol and drugs allows patients to check in and stay overnight at the facility for an extended period of time. While some people can benefit from an outpatient program combined with working a twelve-step program, others will need a more extensive option such as residential programs for drug addicts and alcoholics.

Residential programs for drug addicts and alcoholics help eliminate outside distractions and allow the primary focus to be on the patient’s recovery. In order to set the patient up for the best chance of success, here at the Orchard on the Brazos we provide individualized residential treatment programs for drug addicts and alcoholics. The main goal of these programs is to help the patient reclaim their life and learn how to live free of drugs and alcohol once they leave.

The Orchard on the Brazos offers a safe environment that focuses on getting to the root cause of each patient’s condition. Our highly-trained staff and physicians are here to treat not only the addiction disorder but also any co-occurring mental illness. If one is left untreated it can cause an increased chance of relapse.

At the Orchard on the Brazos we specialize in friendly customer service and world-class amenities you would expect to find at a luxury resort. We strive to be a place of extreme peace where the total focus is on getting each patient the treatment and care they deserve. During your stay at our facilities you will find yourself in total relaxation mode. We are nestled on the Brazos River amidst nature at its best. Surrounding you is lush forest, peace and quiet and pristine housing lending an atmosphere where your mind can be at ease and ready to receive all the benefits of treatment.

Our drug and alcohol residential programs have a low staff-to-resident ratio and single-occupancy rooms are available. We strive to make our patients feel as at home as possible. We serve chef-inspired meals daily.

We use a combination of 12-step principles, focused work and therapy to bring you one of the most effective drug and alcohol residential treatment programs anywhere.

The prospect of checking into an residential program can feel scary and overwhelming to alcoholics and addicts. The thought of leaving one’s lifestyle centered on using drugs and alcohol can seem like an insurmountable task. Many of our staff members here at the Orchard on the Brazos can relate, as they are recovered alcoholics and addicts themselves. They understand from firsthand experience what the patient is going through when faced with being separated from alcohol or drugs and how scary it can feel to enter into an residential program for alcoholics and addicts. This creates a safe space for the patient because they feel seen and understood. There are some things that, no matter how hard you try to imagine, just can’t fully be understood unless you have been there yourself. We feel this is especially true for addiction recovery. Our staff kept this very thing in mind when designing our program which is why we love employing recovered alcoholics and addicts.

Our residential alcohol rehab teaches the patients how to replace addictive habits with healthier behavior. Essentially we are teaching the addict how to live a normal life all over again. We aim to help each patient identify their using patterns and triggers. Instead of returning to using alcohol or drugs, we equip the patient with alternative solutions. Once the patient is trained to recognize uncomfortable thoughts that may trigger them to want to use drugs or drink alcohol, they can retrain their brain to choose something healthier when those thoughts or situations arise.

We also believe educating our clients about addiction will help them gain a broader perspective on how addiction works, why it works, how it impacts the brain and most importantly how to overcome it. Knowledge is power and oftentimes the more we know about something the more equipped we are to handle it. These educational opportunities are included in our drug and alcohol residential program.

At the Orchard on the Brazos we want to fully understand each individual. When we know a person’s life experiences, belief system, morals and values, and current life situation, it can allow us to tailor a custom treatment program to fit their unique needs. No two individuals are created the same or share the same circumstances and we value each person’s individuality here at Texas’ best drug and alcohol residential program. Every treatment plan will look a little different for that reason.

Our residential treatment options include:

Individual counseling
Group therapy
Trauma therapy
12-Step integration
Family and spouse day
Substance education
Relapse prevention plans
Life after treatment collaboration
Alumni fellowship

Group therapy is a big part of our residential programs for alcoholics and addicts. Knowing you aren’t alone in your struggle with drugs and alcohol has proven to be a huge relief to many of our patients. Drug and alcohol addiction can be very isolating and group therapy introduces positive socialization back into the addict’s life. Strong bonds are formed when similar struggles are shared. Combine that with the common goal of recovery and you gain a built-in support system. Having a community of people to do life with sets our patients up for a higher rate of success.

Oftentimes we are encouraged and inspired by our peers. Group therapy promotes opportunities for this. Addicts and alcoholics usually share a commonality of bottling up their problems and feelings and it is our goal to normalize dealing with our struggles head on.

Group therapy helps our patients to get comfortable talking about their experiences and emotions. Human beings are relational beings and group time allows for friendships and bonds to form that will last long beyond treatment. Group time closely resembles AA and NA meetings, which will need to be attended regularly after treatment. Getting acquainted with the format ahead of time can help the patient be comfortable in this setting.

Part of being human is having an array of emotions and we teach our patients that this does not make them weak, but normal. The more we can normalize this, the more equipped they will be to work through feelings and not numb them with drugs and alcohol.

Many addicts and alcoholics have suffered severe trauma, which in turn can create a favorable environment for addiction when left untreated. Through the course of our residential program, we help identify sources of trauma and provide opportunities to face them. This is done with licensed professionals trained in this field. A lot of talk therapy is incorporated as well as behavioral cognitive therapy.

Another critical component of our residential program for addicts and alcoholics is our family days. Family days include the immediate family members of our patients and extend our healing opportunities to them. Usually family days are reserved for spouses, parents and children of the patient. Addiction usually affects entire families and at the Orchard on the Brazos, we understand how important it is to heal the whole family unit.

Oftentimes our patients have not dealt with hurts or trauma that may have been caused by their own family members. Patients will be given an opportunity to do so in a safe, healthy and productive way. Our staff members facilitate opportunities for families to come together and heal as one unit. Much like in an intervention, family members will also be given an opportunity to express the effects their loved one’s addiction has had on them. A critical difference between an intervention and family day is that the addict or alcoholic is now completely sober and clear-minded. This is also a time where family members can see all the progress their loved one has made. It brings renewed hope to them about their loved one’s future. During these times, true healing can begin.

The twelve-step program outlined by NA and AA is incorporated into everything that we do here at the Orchard. Attending NA and AA meetings regularly and continuing to work on the twelve steps will be a big part of the patient’s life once they leave treatment. It is for this reason we aim to familiarize our patients with this program as much as possible beforehand.

At the Orchard on the Brazos, we believe it is extremely important that our patients learn how to face their problems and not to avoid them. Abusing drugs and alcohol is the opposite of this and before coming here most of our patients do not know how to deal with life’s daily problems. Instead of dealing with them they avoided them by using drugs and alcohol. When a person learns how to face their problems they are less likely to relapse at the first sign of trouble.

Much of what we address during residential treatment is intended to reduce relapse rates and increase success rates. Long-term sobriety is the goal and every component of treatment is geared towards that.

It is our sincere hope that our patients leave our drug and alcohol residential program renewed, restored and full of hope. It is our goal for patients to leave better than they came in and ready to face the world with a new belief system in place and the tools to be successful. A little bit of willingness coupled with the right tools goes a long way.

“We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” – Winston Churchill