The Three Pillar Approach

The Orchard Recovery has developed a unique substance abuse treatment plan coined the Three Pillar Approach which is designed to allow each resident to return to their lives fully prepared for success. The Three Pillar Approach focuses on recovery, spiritual exploration, and re-integrating into life after treatment – Recover, Explore, Live.


This is where every resident’s journey begins, and the cornerstone of our treatment program. Residents learn about the multifaceted approach to recovery, which includes not only physically healing from substances, but also learning about the disease of addiction and how underlying issues may be driving their addictive behaviors. Substance abuse is often the result of untreated trauma, pain, and a lack of healthier coping skills. It is here that residents get hope and possibility for things to be different, to be able to recover.

At the Orchard Recovery, we prioritize each individual client and offer a custom treatment plan tailored to each person’s needs. While there are similarities in how the disease of addiction presents, each individual who seeks help at the Orchard is treated on a unique basis. We are able to engage with residents on this level due to our low staff to resident ratio. This enhances our ability to be present and fully engage with each resident where they are, and explore the specific circumstances that brought them to their addiction and substance abuse.

Utilizing the most trusted model for recovery, we focus on solution-based approaches, and guiding residents to their own personal path of healing. We believe in an abstinence, 12-step model of recovery as the foundation for long-term sobriety, and set residents up with connections that enable them to continue that path following their departure from us. As many in 12-step programs say,” we do recover.”

While we utilize an individual-focused treatment plan, we also recognize that no one recovers alone. We believe that residents’ family and loved ones should be included in the treatment plan, to ensure the residents’ progress moving forward; Family and community are vital to the maintenance of long-term sobriety post treatment. This is why we communicate with family members, as well as offering family education and an intensive family program for those who need to heal and process their loved ones’ addictions. Recovery is a community effort, and the foundation to everything that we do here at The Orchard.

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The second pillar of our program, Explore, is based on the idea that spiritual connection is vital to long-term recovery and healing. After experiencing the failure of human willpower to stop the cycle of addiction, it is critical for residents to seek out a connection to a higher power. At The Orchard, residents learn about the importance of connecting to something greater than themselves, which can be the concept of God, the Universe, or whatever positive thing they feel works for them.

For many this involves a process of exploration, which can seem daunting at first. However, at The Orchard Recovery we have created an environment that fosters that exploration and allows residents to discover what that could look like in their recovery. Whether reflecting in nature, swimming in the pool, participating in group fitness classes or attending meetings, residents are given ample time and space for reflection. Additionally, our staff are trained to help empower and guide each resident on their own spiritual journey through restorative yoga, therapeutic art, guided meditation, and optional offsite worship.

The process of exploring looks different for each person, and as with everything at The Orchard, each resident is free to follow their own path. There is no one way of doing spiritual connection. In fact, in the 12-step model, all participants are asked is to make a connection with some sort of higher power of their own understanding. We recover, we explore, and we live as free people.


The final pillar, Live, focuses on preparing residents for success in the world outside of residential treatment at The Orchard Recovery. Being able to successfully reintegrate into one’s life, community, and work is vital to being able to maintain long-term sobriety and recovery.

When residents are nearing the end of their treatment program, our clinical team will co-create a continuum of care roadmap that best fits their life circumstances. This will be a comprehensive discharge plan custom to each resident. Our goal is to ingrain a routine with our residents so that they are able to practice their recovery program while reintegrating back into their existing obligations.

While we love our residents and enjoy having them stay with us, our goal is for them to be able to live their own lives outside of our property. We are thrilled to offer many different opportunities to support our residents during and after treatment, including our newly expanded Extended Care Program. All of this is with the goal of providing residents the tools they need to live a life in recovery.