Choosing a Substance Abuse Program

Choosing a Substance Abuse Program

Selecting a treatment facility for yourself or your loved one can be a daunting task. In the midst of a crisis, sometimes decisions can be rushed, and the right questions aren’t asked. We encourage you to make sure and ask the following three questions to any facility you are considering.

Are the therapists in recovery? 

When looking at clinical staff, you want to find out if the therapists that will be working with you or your loved one are themselves in recovery. While having a college degree is great, and I’m sure there are fantastic non-recovering counselors out there, our experience has been that therapists who themselves are in recovery, are better able to relate to clients. There is a common bond between therapist and client, and we make sure that our clinical staff is also in recovery for our patients. 

Am I going to feel like I am in a hospital for weeks?

Obviously being away from your family, kids, and life while in treatment can be a challenge in and of itself. At the Orchard, we want our clients to feel close to home, while they are here. Rather than a hospital feel, we have six custom built homes on the property that will allow our clients to be comfortable throughout their stay. 

Choose a Substance Abuse Program That Utilizes Trusted Practices

Our programming is the most trusted model in the industry. It has been around for 85 years. While there are a lot of trendy and “new” modalities of treatment, we stick with the most trusted and most successful one. Our program will give you or your loved one the tools to build a lasting foundation for long term sobriety. 

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