The Three Pillars Approach

The Orchard Recovery has developed a unique substance abuse treatment plan coined the Three Pillars Approach which is designed to allow each patient to return to their lives fully prepared for success. The Three Pillar Approach focuses on recovery, spiritual exploration, and re-integration. 


Substance abuse is many times a result of untreated trauma. At The Orchard on the Brazos, our therapists will explore each residents’ specific circumstances that brought them to addiction. Our low staff to resident ratio enhances individual assessment and treatment. The Recovery Pillar is the starting point in our treatment program. Residents will learn what the disease of addiction is and why willpower alone doesn’t work when trying to stop. 

We offer a solution focused approach that will utilize and teach the most trusted model for recovery and guide residents to their personal path of healing. We believe in the twelve step model of recovery as the foundation for long term sobriety.

We also believe that including the family in the treatment plan is critical to success. This is why we offer family education, continual communication between the clinical staff and family, as well as an intensive family program.

Spiritual Exploration 

Critical to healing from addiction is spiritual exploration. After experiencing the failure of human will power to stop the cycle of addiction, it is encouraged to seek out a power greater than ourselves. We have created an environment that will foster that exploration, and allow residents to discover what that will look like in their recovery. In the course of treatment, our staff will empower and guide each person to their own spiritual path. 

We will combine experiential therapies to help in spiritual exploration, including time set aside to enjoy nature and being outdoors, restorative yoga,  therapeutic art, guided meditation, spiritual classes and optional offsite worship.


Reintegration after treatment is critical and there are several ways that The Orchard will prepare our residents for success. Our clinical team will co-create with the resident a continuum of care road map that fits their life circumstances by offering a comprehensive discharge plan and case management. Our goal is to ingrain a routine within our residents to practice their recovery program while reintegrating back into their existing obligations.