Heather Rhodes, LCDC

Peer Support Recovery Coach

Heather Rhodes is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and Peer Support Recovery Coach. Heather earned a bachelor’s degree at Sam Houston State University, and studied substance abuse more in depth at Lone Star College under the Human Services Program. She is currently in a Master’s of Social Work Program, with a direct practice in mental health and addiction at the University of Texas, Arlington.

Heather’s experience has involved working as a counselor and group facilitator in a drug court program, clinical observations at a pain management center treating chronic pain without the use of addictive medications, and, as a counselor at residential treatment centers with clients and their family members. To promote the healing process in recovery, she feels it is important to address the areas of codependency, setting boundaries and engaging in more effective communication that overall leads to better connections with ourselves and others.

Heather began her career in substance abuse counseling after realizing how the pain and trauma of living with addiction affected her and her own family. When she began her journey of healing, she quickly learned she had found her life’s passion and purpose by helping others also affected by addiction. She finds great fulfillment in sharing her strength, hope and experience with others. It is important to her to share with others a better quality of life is possible when the whole family becomes involved in the recovery process leading to a life of more joy, peace, and contentment.